What kind of bras should I wear? Practical guide to buy bras during maternity and breastfeeding

During pregnancy, mothers-to-be may find that their bodies changing, and the most obvious one is breast enlargement. When you wake up one morning, you may suddenly realize that all bras unfit, and your breasts feel bloating

The changes of prolactin, placental prolactin, estrogen, progesterone, etc. in blood will stimulate the hyperplasia of the breast ducts and acinar, which leads to the enlargement of your breast.

Generally speaking, the breasts of expecting mothers will start to enlarge in about 8 weeks of pregnancy. The changes will become more obvious in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. At this time, most people would change their bras to more supportive ones with higher comfort. These are the so-called Maternity Bras or Nursing Bras.


What are the differences between a maternity bra and a nursing bra? How to choose and which styles are worth starting? Here are some Q&As for mothers-to-be you may be interested:

Q: Is there a difference between a maternity bra and a nursing bra?

A: Compared with ordinary bras, maternity bras or nursing bras are special in 2 parts: support and comfort. These bras are specifically designed for mothers during pregnancy or breastfeeding. They'll have wider shoulder straps, softer cotton lining, and usually no wire

As for the nursing bra, its special feature is the detachable design, which allows moms to conveniently untie and feed their babies at any time. In fact, you don’t necessarily have to wait until lactation to buy nursing bras, and now marketers do not intentionally distinguish between Maternity Bras and Nursing Bras. Many nursing bras deliver comfort during pregnancy and convenience for breastfeeding, thus are beloved by both new mothers and mothers-to-be.


Q: When do I need to change bras?

A: When your current bra is too tight, for example, you feel the cup pressing on your chest, or when you take off the bra and see shoulder strap marks, it is time to buy a new bra.

Each one's changes during pregnancy are different: some may continue to enlarge their breasts throughout pregnancy; some may feel breast changes only in the first trimester; and some mothers won't experience a significant change in their breasts until their baby is born.



Q: How to find a bra with the right size?

A: The best way is to try it on. You can stand and sit with the bra on, and see whether there is bumpy fit, side doubles, slipping straps, empty cups, and so on. Check the following picture for unfit bras:

During COVID-19 it may be hard to visit your local store, then it’s also convenient to buy it online. All you need is a tape measure and three steps to measure your sizes.

Q: Is it necessary to buy bras in a bigger size?

A: Some mothers may think: my breasts will enlarge anyway, why not buy a bigger one and leave some "space" for later? However, the bra size should be replaced only according to breast changes. The most comfortable size is the right one. Do not choose a bra that is too small, and don't deliberately buy a bra that is one size larger.

Q: How many bras do I need to buy during pregnancy?

A: Because you may experience continuous breast changing during pregnancy, it is not recommended to buy too many bras for one size. In general, mothers may have three or four new pieces to meet their daily needs. If you want to wear it longer, you can buy a bra extender, so that the bra length can be adjusted flexibly. But if you feel uncomfortable at the current size, change it immediately!

Q: Can I not wear a bra during breastfeeding?

A: Because mothers have to feed babies very often, some find it convenient to just wear no underwear during breastfeeding, which is not appropriate at all. Your breasts will increase during breastfeeding but may become saggy afterward. If you don’t even wear a bra, it’s more likely to have saggy boobs after lactation period.



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